Georgia Tax Collection System



Created in Georgia ~ For Georgia

Georgia Tax Collection System (GATCS) is a tax collection software program created in Georgia- by Georgians- and for use by Georgia Tax Commissioners and the staff of Georgia Tax Commission offices. 

GATCS was founded in 2021 and continues to steadily grow. In 2021, we operated in two counties and added three more in 2022. As of March 2024, we have 15 counties and one city utilizing GATCS for their tax collection needs. Five additional counties will convert to GATCS in the spring and summer of 2024.

Here are a few key facts about GATCS:

  • We are 100% WinGAP compatible and WinGAP import ready
  • We offer internal accounting based on the dual or double-entry method with a real-time general ledger and processes dedicated to journal entries, disbursements, check registers, refunds, write-offs, and printing checks for all purposes.
  • We provide Tax Commissioner’s digest exports and reconciliation, full integrated reporting and ad-hoc report designers, tax calculations, DOR mandated reports and exports, consolidation reports, DOR required exports, and DOR digest submission.
  • Our software maintains compliance with legislative mandates.
  • DRIVES data import
  • Integration with Government Window
  • Free, monthly processing of new owner information for bills and exemption brochures
  • We add new tools and features on a regular basis per our users’ input.
    • Coming soon:
      • Live integrations with WinGAP for ACOs, address changes, and owner changes
      • Danny Forsyth- your friendly Georgia DOR Digest Compliance Supervisor will join our team upon retirement in July 2024

We proudly offer scheduled support 24/7, remote online support which is manned 5 days per week/8 hours per day, and constant email and text monitoring. We will hang our hats on claiming you will not find better customer service anywhere else!

If your county or city is looking for a new collections program, we would love to speak with you and are excited to share a free demo with you!