Georgia Tax Collection System



Created in Georgia ~ For Georgia

Georgia Tax Collection System (GATCS) is a tax collection software program created in Georgia- by Georgians- and for use by Georgia Tax Commissioners and the staff of Georgia Tax Commission offices. 

We are 100% WinGAP compatible and are guaranteed to be WinGAP import ready. We provide Tax Commissioner’s digest exports and reconciliation, full integrated reporting and ad-hoc report designers, tax calculations, DOR mandated reports and exports, consolidation reports, DOR required exports, and DOR digest submission. Our software updates maintain compliance with legislative mandates, and we add new tools on a regular basis per our users’ input.

We offer internal accounting based on the dual or double-entry method, which records each transaction twice, reflecting both a credit and debit. Our accounting menu options include:

  • a real time general ledger which can be sorted by date range,
  • a screen dedicated to journal entries,
  • a screen dedicated to disbursements, including the ability to print checks directly from TCS,
  • a check register screen, and
  • a refunds/write off screen that allows the user to simply process these transactions and print checks directly from TCS.

We proudly offer scheduled support 24/7, remote online support which is manned 5 days per week/8 hours per day, and constant email and text monitoring.